Monday, July 26, 2021

Safety Tips For Your Car Tires

There are lots of new safety features included in all types of vehicles. But one of the oldest safety features has been in place since the existence of the automobile. Tires are integral to performance and safety and practicing regular safety tips can get the most out of your tires. Take a look below at some of those tips which should help you in a variety of ways. It may even help you avoid the need for a tow or roadside assistance.

Keep an eye on the tread

When tires lose their tread, they have a tendency to slide all over the road. Tires could also experience a blowout the next time you accidentally fail to see a meddlesome pothole. Tire tread can be tested rather simply, all you need is a penny. Take a penny and turn it upside down before placing it into one of your tire grooves. If you can see all of Abraham Lincoln's head, then the tread is worn down to the point where you need a new tire.

Rotate tires

It is a good idea to rotate your tires every six months or every time you put on another 7,500 miles. This allows your tires to wear out evenly so that the tread is not impacted too much on one side. Getting a wheel alignment every year is also good for your tires. This will prevent excess vibrations and pulling, which both can wear down your tires prematurely.

Maintain tire pressure

If you are unsure about how much air pressure should be in your tires, look on the inside of your car door or in your owner's manual. When air pressure becomes too low, tires get less traction on wet roads and that could become extremely dangerous. Flat tire replacement should be performed when pressure cannot be maintained.

Make the right purchase

Most people will look for the best deals when making a lot of purchases. However, tires are an investment in your safety. That should remove the option of even considering purchasing used tires. Meanwhile, buying tires at a cheap price might save you a few bucks, but you will take a greater chance every time you get on the road. It's always wise to invest in good tires as it will improve your safety with every trip out on the road.

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