Monday, June 21, 2021

How to Tell if You Need to Tow Your Car, Truck or Van

Whether you own a car, truck, or van, there are some common signs that will let you know that it's time for a tow. There may be some instances when drivers are uncertain as to whether they should continue to drive their vehicle. If you are ever faced with that dilemma, here are some signs to look for when considering having your car towed.

Unusual Smells

When something smells off with your vehicle, it is not something that should be overlooked. And if you smell fuel when operating your vehicle, then it's probably best to go with a tow. Strange odors mean that something is amiss.

Visible Leaks

It's not difficult to identify leaks as they will show up in your driveway or wherever you park your vehicle. If you are leaking oil, then it could create a major problem with the engine. If you are leaking brake fluid, then it could prevent your brakes from working. And if you are leaking coolant, then it could cause your car to overheat. When you spot a leak, it may be a very good time to get a tow in Charlotte.

Warning Light

Your vehicle’s system will alert you to an issue with a warning light. If the check engine light comes on, it is because a problem has been identified. Keep in mind that it may only be a minor issue. However, if the check engine light starts blinking, that indicates something serious. Pull over and consider a tow if that check engine light is blinking. Otherwise, it does not call for immediate action, but your car, truck, or van should be looked at soon.

Strange Noises

All vehicles make noises. But the sound of screeching, knocking, or grinding is never a good thing. These are usually signs of a major problem. It could be an issue with your brakes, tires, or engine. All three of those are major components in a vehicle and help ensure the safety of the passengers. These are all good reasons to get a tow. If problems occur while driving, pull over and call for roadside assistance to fix or tow your vehicle.

Perhaps the most common denominator when considering a tow is the safety of your vehicle. How safe is it and will you be in danger if you drive? That is the most important thing and if there are any doubts, it's better to be safe and call a tow truck. Neighborhood Towing offers fast, reliable and affordable towing in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.