Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Jumpstart or Replace?

What you need to know when your vehicle battery dies.

   At one time or another, vehicle troubles are going to affect everyone. One of the most common issues with any type of automobile is a bad battery. Vehicle batteries are not meant to last forever and sometimes they can stop working without any warning signs. When that occurs, a quick jumpstart should do the trick. But there are some important things to know when attempting this quick fix.

Jumpstarting your car

A dead battery means you get no power. That means no lights, no radio. Once that has been determined, you can begin the process by getting a pair of jumper cables.

Before doing anything, put your car in park and shut off the engine. Also, shut off the engine in the other car that is attempting to jumpstart your battery. There are two clips on jumper cables, a red one and a black one. The first step is to attach the red clip to your battery's positive terminal. The plus sign will signify the positive terminal. Next, do the same with the red clip on the other car.

Now it's time for the black clip to be connected to the other car’s battery. That black clip should be attached to the negative terminal. The other black clip does not need to be attached to your battery. Instead, attach it to a metal part of your car and not on any part of the engine. Then, allow the other car to start up and run for a few minutes before turning your ignition. That should do the trick.

How to tell if you need to replace your battery

The first sign that you need a new car battery is a frequent need for a jumpstart roadside assistance. This pretty much means that your battery is draining rather quickly. The next sign is a buildup of corrosion on your terminals. Take a look at your battery and if there is an excessive amount of corrosion, it means that it's time for a new one. Even if you clean excessive corrosion, it is likely going to come back. A little bit is okay, but a lot is a problem.

Age is another sign that a battery needs replacement. Batteries are only meant to last a few years and there is a sticker on it that indicates when it was manufactured. Chances are the battery is not going to last more than 3 years. Some do, but it is a bit of a gamble to ride around on a battery that old.

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Friday, September 27, 2019

Beware of Predatory Towing in Charlotte NC

It is an unfortunate reality that some towing companies in Charlotte, and through the entire nation,  continue to use predatory tactics. These are the types of unethical practices you definitely want to avoid if possible. And trust us, these tactic are as bad as they sounds.

It works like this. Some tow-truck drivers will stake out a crowded area and wait for drivers to make a mistake by parking in a private lot or spot, even if it is for a matter of a couple of minutes. Some of those areas have poorly-displayed signs that warn drivers about parking there. This makes drivers easy prey for unscrupulous towing companies.

Some of those lots will be near convenience stores or coffee shops in the city. A driver may just be running inside to grab a snack, coffee or lottery ticket. And before they can return to their vehicle, they are greeted by a boot. That leads to an actual tow in which drivers are forced to pay exorbitant fees to get their vehicles back.

But some of those property owners are not so innocent. Some actually conspire with towing companies to sneak up on drivers. Consequently, the poorly-displayed “No parking” signs are tactically positioned.

Predatory tow service companies also use spotters to carry out unethical tows. People are positioned in a crowded area, near a parking lot designated as “No Parking.” And the moment someone parks there, they notify the nearby tow truck driver, who drives right to that location and tows the vehicle. It is irrelevant how much time has elapsed since the driver stepped out of the car.

Tow truck drivers will hide behind the excuse that it is against the law to park on a private lot. However, there is a lack of ethics involved in this practice and municipalities all over the country are cracking down on predatory towing. However, there has not been significant progress in the state of North Carolina as state laws have limited the level of action that cities and towns can take.

There have even been reports of tow truck drivers removing parking passes and towing a vehicle based on the premise that there was no pass. It all falls under a lack of ethics and with tows on the rise throughout the city of Charlotte, it is important to be aware of where you park.

The good news is there are still towing companies you can trust. Neighborhood Towing prides our business on helping those in need of a tow. For ethical, professional and courteous towing in Charlotte, contact Neighborhood Towing.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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