Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Towing Safety Tips for Stranded Drivers

Safety is the top priority when waiting for a tow truck. Most times, drivers are stranded on a road and that usually means there are cars whizzing by. While waiting for a tow truck in Charlotte to arrive and bring you to safety, here are some safety tips for stranded drivers.

Get Out of the Car

It may seem convenient to sit and wait inside your car, but the reality is there are going to be passing cars. There's always a chance that one of those passing cars could stray out of their lane and crash into your vehicle. At night, some drivers may fail to see your parked vehicle and with so many people texting and driving, there's always the chance that a distracted driver could collide with your vehicle. It's better to get out of the car and away from the road. And with help on the way, there is no need to put yourself in harm’s way.

Let There Be Light

When your car is disabled on the side of a road, it's important to let other drivers know it is there. You can start by turning on your hazards lights and, if you have any flares, that is the time to light them. This is the best way to let other drivers know your car is stranded. Having some warning triangles inside your car along with a bright vest to wear are also ways of standing out, even on a dark night.

Allow the Pros to do Their Job

Tow truck drivers are experienced and know just what to do in certain situations. There's no need for you to provide any assistance during the towing process. It's best to just stand back, let the driver hook up your car and get it off the road.

Wait For the Tow Truck

When a tow truck driver arrives, it is with a purpose. Your whereabouts are known and it is all on record. When a random car stops to offer help, there is no need to accept. Help is already on the way and while that driver may have good intentions, there is always the chance that it is the opposite. It's better to wait and rely on a professional service for help than to take a chance with someone who might have ulterior motives.

Your safety is a priority at Neighborhood Towing as we provide the best towing Charlotte, NC has to offer.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Advice for Preparing To Tow Your Vehicle

It is usually never a fun time when you are getting ready to have your vehicle towed. However, there are steps you can take when preparing for a vehicle to be towed by Neighborhood Towing Service or others. Here is a look at some helpful advice when you find yourself in this situation.

Advice Tip #1: Collect your valuables and personal items

There may be some valuables in your car and the fact that it is going somewhere means that you should secure those items in your possession. Look through your glove compartment, trunk and backseat to be sure that you grab anything valuable. There is always the chance someone could rummage through your car and you may also be without for a while.

Advice Tip #2: Take photos

You are entrusting your vehicle in the hands of someone else, which makes it important to know what you are giving them. Taking pictures of your vehicle before it gets towed provides you with evidence should something go wrong or some type of damage be incurred. There's always a chance that your car could somehow get damaged and without any beforehand photos, you won't have any type of proof that it wasn't like that before the towing company got involved.

Advice Tip #3: Turn off your emergency brake

Most people don't use their emergency brakes during their daily driving. But if a car is broken down or in an accident, some drivers may be more inclined to engage the parking brake. It's important to turn it off before a tow because the process could damage your car if it is engaged. To be on the safe side, double check and make sure the parking brake is off.

Advice Tip #4: Have somewhere to tow the car

If your car stopped running or has been in an accident, there are specific places that will take care of the repair process. Decide on a destination before you call for a tow. It's also better and cheaper to tow your vehicle to a place that will take care of the repairs as opposed to just having it towed to your home.

Advice Tip #5: Don’t just call any towing company

Not all towing companies are created equal. Some will gouge you with excessive fees. It is important to do some research and make sure you are trusting your vehicle in the care of a reliable company.

For reliable and affordable towing and roadside assistance in Charlotte, NC, contact the team of professionals at Neighborhood Towing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Jumpstart or Replace?

What you need to know when your vehicle battery dies.

   At one time or another, vehicle troubles are going to affect everyone. One of the most common issues with any type of automobile is a bad battery. Vehicle batteries are not meant to last forever and sometimes they can stop working without any warning signs. When that occurs, a quick jumpstart should do the trick. But there are some important things to know when attempting this quick fix.

Jumpstarting your car

A dead battery means you get no power. That means no lights, no radio. Once that has been determined, you can begin the process by getting a pair of jumper cables.

Before doing anything, put your car in park and shut off the engine. Also, shut off the engine in the other car that is attempting to jumpstart your battery. There are two clips on jumper cables, a red one and a black one. The first step is to attach the red clip to your battery's positive terminal. The plus sign will signify the positive terminal. Next, do the same with the red clip on the other car.

Now it's time for the black clip to be connected to the other car’s battery. That black clip should be attached to the negative terminal. The other black clip does not need to be attached to your battery. Instead, attach it to a metal part of your car and not on any part of the engine. Then, allow the other car to start up and run for a few minutes before turning your ignition. That should do the trick.

How to tell if you need to replace your battery

The first sign that you need a new car battery is a frequent need for a jumpstart roadside assistance. This pretty much means that your battery is draining rather quickly. The next sign is a buildup of corrosion on your terminals. Take a look at your battery and if there is an excessive amount of corrosion, it means that it's time for a new one. Even if you clean excessive corrosion, it is likely going to come back. A little bit is okay, but a lot is a problem.

Age is another sign that a battery needs replacement. Batteries are only meant to last a few years and there is a sticker on it that indicates when it was manufactured. Chances are the battery is not going to last more than 3 years. Some do, but it is a bit of a gamble to ride around on a battery that old.

Are you currently stuck in a parking lot or along the road with a dead battery somewhere in Charlotte? Contact Neighborhood Towing Service for immediate roadside assistance or towing Charlotte NC.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Beware of Predatory Towing in Charlotte NC

It is an unfortunate reality that some towing companies in Charlotte, and through the entire nation,  continue to use predatory tactics. These are the types of unethical practices you definitely want to avoid if possible. And trust us, these tactic are as bad as they sounds.

It works like this. Some tow-truck drivers will stake out a crowded area and wait for drivers to make a mistake by parking in a private lot or spot, even if it is for a matter of a couple of minutes. Some of those areas have poorly-displayed signs that warn drivers about parking there. This makes drivers easy prey for unscrupulous towing companies.

Some of those lots will be near convenience stores or coffee shops in the city. A driver may just be running inside to grab a snack, coffee or lottery ticket. And before they can return to their vehicle, they are greeted by a boot. That leads to an actual tow in which drivers are forced to pay exorbitant fees to get their vehicles back.

But some of those property owners are not so innocent. Some actually conspire with towing companies to sneak up on drivers. Consequently, the poorly-displayed “No parking” signs are tactically positioned.

Predatory tow service companies also use spotters to carry out unethical tows. People are positioned in a crowded area, near a parking lot designated as “No Parking.” And the moment someone parks there, they notify the nearby tow truck driver, who drives right to that location and tows the vehicle. It is irrelevant how much time has elapsed since the driver stepped out of the car.

Tow truck drivers will hide behind the excuse that it is against the law to park on a private lot. However, there is a lack of ethics involved in this practice and municipalities all over the country are cracking down on predatory towing. However, there has not been significant progress in the state of North Carolina as state laws have limited the level of action that cities and towns can take.

There have even been reports of tow truck drivers removing parking passes and towing a vehicle based on the premise that there was no pass. It all falls under a lack of ethics and with tows on the rise throughout the city of Charlotte, it is important to be aware of where you park. 

The good news is there are still towing companies you can trust. Neighborhood Towing prides our business on helping those in need of a tow. For ethical, professional and courteous towing in Charlotte, contact Neighborhood Towing.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

What to Expect When Towing Your Car, Truck or Van

When it is time to tow your car, truck, or van, there are usually a lot of things going through your mind. While you may be looking ahead to the future and how you're going to fix your vehicle, it's important to concentrate on the present. Here's a look at what to expect throughout the towing process.

Some Questions

When you call for a tow truck, you are going to bombarded with a lot of questions. You'll be connected to a customer service associate from the towing company. That associate will want to know your location, the problem with your vehicle, all your contact information, the make and model of your vehicle, in addition to some other factors. Be prepared to provide some answers.

Some Roadside Assistance

A reputable towing company will offer roadside assistance. That means they will be able to fix certain issues with your vehicle and get you on your way without needing a tow. Those fixes range from jump starting your vehicle to tire roadside service, to gas service, as well as battery service. Just because you have broken down doesn't mean you necessarily need a tow. A quality towing company will be able to examine your vehicle and provide any of those previously mentioned fixes right there on the scene.

Some Signing

When the tow truck driver arrives, you'll be asked to sign a release. This is a type of liability form that simply states you are aware of the risks that come with your vehicle towed. It may also relinquish liability from the towing company for any damage that may be deemed unavoidable when your vehicle is in transit. In many instances, the tow truck driver will also ask to see a driver's license and vehicle registration just to verify that it is not stolen.

Some Waiting

Even though some towing companies may be near where you are stranded, it might still take some time to get to your destination. Typically, the wait time it's not very long when you call a reputable towing company in a highly-populated area. However, it's a good idea to utilize any wait time by gathering your personal belongings out of the vehicle. It's also good to have your documentation ready when the tow truck driver arrives as it will help to expedite the process.

When you contact Neighborhood Towing, you can expect a high level of professionalism we offer the best towing service Charlotte, NC has to offer.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Safety Tips For Your Car Tires

There are lots of new safety features included in all types of vehicles. But one of the oldest safety features has been in place since the existence of the automobile. Tires are integral to performance and safety and practicing regular safety tips can get the most out of your tires. Take a look below at some of those tips which should help you in a variety of ways. It may even help you avoid the need for a tow or roadside assistance.

Keep an eye on the tread

When tires lose their tread, they have a tendency to slide all over the road. Tires could also experience a blowout the next time you accidentally fail to see a meddlesome pothole. Tire tread can be tested rather simply, all you need is a penny. Take a penny and turn it upside down before placing it into one of your tire grooves. If you can see all of Abraham Lincoln's head, then the tread is worn down to the point where you need a new tire.

Rotate tires

It is a good idea to rotate your tires every six months or every time you put on another 7,500 miles. This allows your tires to wear out evenly so that the tread is not impacted too much on one side. Getting a wheel alignment every year is also good for your tires. This will prevent excess vibrations and pulling, which both can wear down your tires prematurely.

Maintain tire pressure

If you are unsure about how much air pressure should be in your tires, look on the inside of your car door or in your owner's manual. When air pressure becomes too low, tires get less traction on wet roads and that could become extremely dangerous. Flat tire replacement should be performed when pressure cannot be maintained.

Make the right purchase

Most people will look for the best deals when making a lot of purchases. However, tires are an investment in your safety. That should remove the option of even considering purchasing used tires. Meanwhile, buying tires at a cheap price might save you a few bucks, but you will take a greater chance every time you get on the road. It's always wise to invest in good tires as it will improve your safety with every trip out on the road.

If you experience a flat tire or blowout in the Charlotte, NC area, contact the professionals at Neighborhood Towing. We will send a driver directly to you with the best towing Charlotte, NC has to offer.

Monday, June 21, 2021

How to Tell if You Need to Tow Your Car, Truck or Van

Whether you own a car, truck, or van, there are some common signs that will let you know that it's time for a tow. There may be some instances when drivers are uncertain as to whether they should continue to drive their vehicle. If you are ever faced with that dilemma, here are some signs to look for when considering having your car towed.

Unusual Smells

When something smells off with your vehicle, it is not something that should be overlooked. And if you smell fuel when operating your vehicle, then it's probably best to go with a tow. Strange odors mean that something is amiss.

Visible Leaks

It's not difficult to identify leaks as they will show up in your driveway or wherever you park your vehicle. If you are leaking oil, then it could create a major problem with the engine. If you are leaking brake fluid, then it could prevent your brakes from working. And if you are leaking coolant, then it could cause your car to overheat. When you spot a leak, it may be a very good time to get a tow in Charlotte.

Warning Light

Your vehicle’s system will alert you to an issue with a warning light. If the check engine light comes on, it is because a problem has been identified. Keep in mind that it may only be a minor issue. However, if the check engine light starts blinking, that indicates something serious. Pull over and consider a tow if that check engine light is blinking. Otherwise, it does not call for immediate action, but your car, truck, or van should be looked at soon.

Strange Noises

All vehicles make noises. But the sound of screeching, knocking, or grinding is never a good thing. These are usually signs of a major problem. It could be an issue with your brakes, tires, or engine. All three of those are major components in a vehicle and help ensure the safety of the passengers. These are all good reasons to get a tow. If problems occur while driving, pull over and call for roadside assistance to fix or tow your vehicle.

Perhaps the most common denominator when considering a tow is the safety of your vehicle. How safe is it and will you be in danger if you drive? That is the most important thing and if there are any doubts, it's better to be safe and call a tow truck. Neighborhood Towing offers fast, reliable and affordable towing in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.

Monday, May 24, 2021

How to Check Your Car Battery for Issues

It's important to know how much life you have left in your car battery. This type of information could save you from a very inconvenient roadside breakdown. Getting stranded is never a good thing and the following ways to check your battery could prevent an unwanted situation.

Safety First

It's always important to consider your safety when working on any part of an automobile. Before checking your battery, it is recommended to have a pair of gloves and safety goggles at your disposal. There's always an outside chance that something could spill or spark.

Visual Inspection

The first step in checking a vehicle battery is to take a look for anything that might be out of order. When examining the battery, look at the terminals to see if either of them are broken. If a terminal is broken or even a bit loose, it can cause the battery to short circuit. Also, look for any signs of a battery having melted a bit.  That is most likely from a short circuit, which can be caused by loose terminals.

It's also a good idea to check for any breakage in the plastic on the battery. There is always the chance that something could have banged into the battery and caused the plastic to split. This may not cause the battery to stop working, but it is not safe to drive around with a battery that has holes in it.

A leaking battery is never a good thing and this one is self-explanatory. There are water levels in a car battery and if they become discolored or they start to leak, it is a sign of a problem. Don't take chances driving around with a leaking battery as it could cause other issues.

Check Voltage

To check a battery’s voltage, you can use something called a multimeter. They are available at all types of auto stores and it is a rather cheap purchase. These are also easy to use. Simply place the black probe onto the black terminal in the red probe onto the red terminal. It will then give you a reading. Anything at 12.5 volts or above signifies a good charge. A reading of around 12.3 volts indicates that your battery is about three-quarters of the way charged. However, an 11.8 volt reading indicates that the battery is at 25% or less.

Neighborhood Towing provides battery service in Charlotte, NC as part of our roadside assistance. Help is just a phone call away as we continue to provide the best in Charlotte towing service

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